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Marly Skin Guard™ when rubbed on the skin forms a two-dimensional skin barrier which dries in 3 minutes. Marly Skin Guard™ dispenses as a foam and protects the skin, for at least 4 hours, against abuse from the elements by inhibiting absorption of:

   Alkaline & acidic solutions
   Organic solvents & dust
   Aggressive cleansers & disinfectants
   Chemicals & lubricants
   Bodily secretions, blood, urine & feces
   Paints, inks & dyes

Marly Skin Guard™ may be used on the entire body, because it helps protect the skin against a range of problems from wearing gloves to wearing diapers, and from the drying affects from frequent cleansing and sanitizing.

Marly Skin Guard™ may be applied directly on all types of skin irritations and abrasions so long as the affected area is clean and dry. It does not heal unhealthy skin, but creates a protective barrier against the elements so the skin has a chance to heal itself over time.

Marly Skin Guard™ is totally harmless, non-toxic & not greasy. The skin maintains a natural moisture balance. There is no occlusion or pseudo-occlusion; no change to normal skin functions or sense of touch; and the skin breathes & perspires normally. And it lasts over 4 hours even if the skin is cleansed and sanitized several times.

Different uses in different professions and industries such as dental, healthcare, caregivers, beauty consultants and hairdressers, veterinarians, food processing and handling, lab technicians, tradesman, sports and babies/infants/children with skin allergies.

Quite simply, it is the best and most effective skin barrier foam on the market, since 1988.